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Equimo Services is a Division dedicated to the provision of logistics, procurement, management and commercial representation services for oil and gas companies operating - or interested in operating in Tunisia.

Equimo maintains a skilled team that has solid experience in the offshore business. We also count on a number of different professionals and companies that can be hired to join this team, ensuring a broad, high-quality range of services for the offshore segment.


Shore Base Implementation, Management and Operation

We provide all necessary services for the implementation of offshore logistics support bases. Our work can be briefly described as follows:

  • Identification of the best base location
  • Fiscal and environmental licensing process
  • Provision of management team, including HSE
  • Local selection and hiring of helpers team
  • Equipment requirements definition and rental (cranes, fork-lifts, containers, power generators, safety equipments, etc.)
  • Implementation of HSE main procedures
  • Provision of a material control system and its operation
  • Management of the base operations

Base operations can always be executed on the client's behalf or directly by Equimo, as a branch office, depending on the operational design to be defined.


Outsourcing Services

Equimo is able to directly provide technical personnel or to hire people previously selected by the client, for working on almost all offshore and onshore projects.

We supply shore base logistics coordinators that are directly responsible for base activities and operations, as well as the link between the base, the rig and client's operational personnel. They are often supported by our offshore logistics coordinators, that handle all E&P logistics coordination directly from the rig.

Other personnel include:

  • Materials controller - manages and controls the materials being supplied by different sources and shipped from the base to the rig and vice-versa
  • Flight coordinator - provides help on fixed wing and helicopter flight coordination, as well as on passengers' control.


Materials and Equipment Logistics

Equimo also offers logistics solutions to the O&G market for the implementation of oil drilling and production, engineering and construction projects. We are able to work directly or in partnership with other companies, in the following activities.

  • Equipment and materials handling
  • Warehouse management
  • Port operations
  • Maritime and road equipment chartering and rental
  • Equipment reception, inspection and maintenance
  • Industrial packing
  • Import and export (logistics and customs clearance)
  • Project cargoes


Waste Management

Working in co-operation with its partners, Equimo can also provide experienced personnel to implement the waste management system, to create a net of waste final destination licensed companies and physically control the waste management, at the client's site, plant, logistics support base or rig.


Procurement Services

Procurement services require a company that is used to dealing with the local peculiarities such as limitations and legislation.

Equimo has experienced people who worked in huge exploration, production and construction project development scenarios. We are able to implement a procurement system to meet our clients' demands for services, materials and equipment. We provide, among others, the following services:

  • Procurement, purchase and logistics for equipment and materials delivery to client's site, plant or shore base
  • Equipment, materials and services suppliers, identification and qualification
  • Design of tender documents and contracts, according to the Tunisian legislation
  • Contractual management
  • Coordination of local authorities, requirements and demands
  • Local content consulting
  • Coordination of projects environmental licensing processes
  • Management of engineering and construction projects


Commercial Representatives

National and international companies, interested to sell their products, equipment and services to the O&G market, can consider Equimo as their office in Tunisia, the Tunisian oil industry’s capital for North Africa and, where all oil and services companies are located.

Engineering services providers, offshore equipment manufacturers and Vessels Shipowners may find in Tunisia a very profitable field for their expansion in North Africa. Equimo wants to be their partner and help them on opening this new business frontier.

Material Hiring

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Maintenance Activities

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