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EQUIMO has got a medium sized Engineering Services Department, with a variety of high profile production and design personnel.

EQUIMO’s personnel at full & part-time regimes are coming with a wealth of knowledge & experience from different local & overseas companies.

EQUIMO’s service team consist of skilled fully mobile service staff.

EQUIMO have a comprehensive understanding of the importance of maintaining production manufacturing & preserving life and the environment.  

As a company, originally formed by a number of Professionals and Experts employed and working on their own, is now expanding to form one of the best organisations that could do Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning Services to suite the market requirement.

EQUIMO continually strive to improve turnaround time; with the objective to attend most needs and breakdowns within a top quality service & least delays together. The company is striving to obtain the ISO quality standards.  
The company is fully confident on the capabilities of its in-house Engineering department but is also capable of undertaking the very special services and design projects to support our customers’ requirements.

The Engineering Services Department is three fold sub-departments:

    Plant Chemicals & Environmental Services.

    Measurement, Testing and Instrumentation Services.

    Process design and Control.

Jointly all together offer following services

Assistance in engineering design and installation for the chemical industry.

    Listen to customers and turn their expectations into objectives,

    Assist in defining design specifications,

    Review Calculations & design criteria,

    Fabricate, build, construct and implement,

    Assist Customers in Commissioning,

    Assist Customers in Debottlenecking.

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